My story

Hello. Jude here.

This is my story...

How my journey began...

Thirty years of yoyo dieting had not solved my problem

Overweight since age ten, I had tried every weight loss book and method: slimming clubs, low carb, no fat, calories, milkshakes, slimming pills, allergy testing and hypnosis to list but a few. Many times I lost some weight but always put it back on, and usually with extra. As the years passed my weight headed upwards even though I always felt I was on, or thinking about starting, another diet.

This photo of me in blue is from 2000. I was 203lbs (14 st 7lbs or 92kg). I was very unhappy with my body fat and my life revolved around an obsession with how to get rid of it. I had low confidence and self-esteem and thought I looked "hideous". I feel sad for that old me as I look at this photograph with compassion.

2002: I took a radical step

A family lunch marks a new beginning

Two years later, I was even heavier (217 pounds - I5st 7lbs or 98.5kg). I was caught in a diet/lapse cycle. I was struggling but did not know what to do instead of trying to diet.

However, I had been thinking about how dieting had failed me - was even hurting me. I decided to take "the road less travelled" and  stopped dieting. It felt right; I trusted my decision.

I began a personal healing process. It was my journey back to myself. My goals were to learn to love and accept myself at any weight or size and to relearn how to eat without refence to any diet

This photo (of me in black - the only colour I wore then) marks a highly significant day for me on this new path. At this Christmas outing I ate my first non-diet mindful meal with family. The method is the core "natural eating" part of Happyweight.

2004: I was happier and healthier

I regained my confidence and self-esteem

Gradually, and to my amazement, my body released 5st 7lbs (77lbs or 35kg) of fat. See me in pink looking a lot happier!

As a nutritional therapist, clients and colleagues began asking me what I was doing and if I could help them to stop dieting and reach a happy weight too. 

I started to help them too and my Happyweight programme came into being. 2024 marks my 22nd anniversary! Since then, I have helped over 2,000 individuals (mainly women) to overcome their various eating challenges.

I am honoured to advise, support and guide each client through their process to find a happy place in body, mind and spirit.

Join my programme and get your goals too!

And I'm still going strong!

22 years on and I am still helping people like you to break free from dieting

I draw from 26 years experience as a therapist. The modalities I utilise - nutrition, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, CBT and ACT -  I have experienced as both client and practitioner. These wonderful tools have been life-changing for me.

My aim is for them to be as effective, even more so, for you. I can teach them to you so that you can use them in all areas of your life.

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