Make peace with food,
love your body, and be your healthy weight!

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Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Jude Bentley, creator of Happyweight...

I help emotional and binge eaters and tired yo-yo dieters to enjoy a peaceful relationship with food, to have body confidence and be a natural healthy weight.

I have been there and so I know how you feel.  At my heaviest and most unhappy I decided to stop dieting and do something totally different.

Let me help you to get off the diet-binge rollercoaster and discover a freer, happier and healthier life.

If you would you like to know more about me and Happyweight, my non-diet method, please click the button!

My story

I can help you stop overeating, binges & uncontrolled eating

So that you can enjoy food, be a healthy weight & have great body confidence

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Stop the yoyo diet cycle

Slimming diets are 95% unsuccessful. When we restrict food, eating can become confused and even chaotic. Diets don't tackle emotional eating or food addiction either. But if not dieting, then what? The Happyweight eating method. It is safe, natural, intuitive - and freeing!

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Enjoy all kind of food

If you have been a dieter and overeating for a while you may wonder what it is to eat normally. The joy is that you can experience eating without frustration or shame. Including all foods you like makes it easier to maintain any eating plan. No food is sinful or illegal!

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Love yourself & your body

Yoyo dieting and poor body image go together. Recovery of body confidence and self-esteem help you to achieve your health goals (and your other amazing ambitions!). Damage to self-image can be healed at any age. Happyweight supports you as a unique person worthy of respect.

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Your eating solution starts here...

The guide explains the six steps to food freedom

Would you like to learn the keys to end dieting, binges and overeating so that you can reclaim peaceful eating, health and positive body confidence?

The journey is often a fascinating and enjoyable one. Sometimes it is challenging and frustrating. Altogether it is so worthwhile and rewarding.

Gain skills that will help you to have greater freedom, joy and peace with food, your body and your self.

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Client messages

A selection of comments (names changed for privacy)

Julia, London

"I have been fairly on top of the weight situation, just eating what I want, when I want, in a healthy and considered manner (is this normality??!!) I know I have lost weight as I have bought three pairs of jeans during the period of doing your programme, each pair in a decreasing size! I can't believe how easy it has been to get to where I am now, and I feel so strongly that I don't ever want to be in the situation I was previously, where food rules and affects every part of ones life."

Steve, Rugby

"I have benefited so much from your openness, empathy, love and support, your generosity in giving so much of yourself is precious and unique in this world of take, take, take.  I always feel replenished, nurtured and fully understood after a session with you.
Thank you for having the courage to follow your destiny, for your amazing skills and for sharing all of who you are and what you know, it is a privilege to work with you and learn from you."

Sinead, East Sussex

"It has quite frankly been life-changing! I was in a very dark place when I came to see you. I now feel much happier, calmer, confident and am finally starting to love myself again. YOU ARE AMAZING!"

(Plus She has lost 42 pounds without dieting after a life of binge eating and yoyo dieting.)